Jamie Raskin Declares Biden Impeachment Over

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House Oversight Committee Ranking Member Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) said that Biden impeachment is over and it is time for Republicans to fold up the tent and go home.

What Did Jamie Raskin Say About Biden Impeachment?

Raskin told reporters:

I wanted to just start by restating the obvious, which is that the impeachment investigation essentially ended yesterday in substance, if not informed with the explosive revelation that Mr Smirnoff’s allegations about Ukrainian Burisma payments to Joe Biden were concocted along with Russian intelligence agents, and it appears like the whole thing is not only obviously false and fraud fraudulent, but a product of Russian disinformation and propaganda, and that’s been the motor force behind this investigation for more than a year.

As for today’s transcribed interview. with the brother of President Biden, Mr James Biden. We obviously again have heard nothing indicating that Joe Biden had anything to do with the business ventures of Hunter Biden or, President. James Biden and nothing has contradicted that basic understanding that we’ve had.

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Four many, many months now, so that’s essentially where we are again. I’m restating my call to chairman Comer to Speaker Johnson to. Fold up the tent to this circus show. It’s really over at this point.


.@RepRaskin: “The impeachment investigation essentially ended yesterday…with the explosive revelation that Mr. Smirnov’s allegations about Ukrainian Burisma payments to Joe Biden were concocted along with Russian intelligence agents.” pic.twitter.com/YLCyPxp11e

— CSPAN (@cspan) February 21, 2024

Biden Impeachment Is Dead

Before the key piece of Biden impeachment investigation was revealed to have been concocted by Russian intelligence agents, Biden impeachment was already on life support. House Republicans were 20 votes short of the number that they needed to impeach President Biden.

If Biden impeachment came to the House floor today, it would be crushingly defeated.

It would not be surprising if Oversight Committee Chair James Comer declared after Hunter Biden’s deposition, that Republicans were going to write an impeachment report, and the process stopped there.

Rep. Raskin is right. Biden impeachment is over. It only remains to be seen how House Republicans are going to back out of the mess that they created.

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