Jamie Raskin Has A Hilarious Take On The House GOP Chaos

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Rep. Jamie Raskin perfectly described the chaos in the House with an epic George Santos joke.

Raskin tweeted:

Waiting for the vote and I reminded Jared Moskowitz that there was never so much chaos in the House when George Santos was Speaker.

Jared went over to Santos to tell him that and Santos said, “That’s why I don’t want to be Speaker again.”

— Jamie Raskin (@jamie_raskin) October 3, 2023

Oh, how we all long for the days of Speaker George Santos when historic legislation like the Affordable Care Act and the Inflation Reduction Act were passed. Remember when Santos did the impossible and got a bipartisan infrastructure bill passed?

George Santos didn’t do any of those things. Those accomplishments belong to one of the best Speakers of the House of all time, Rep. Nancy Pelosi.

The McCarthy drama is bad for the House and bad for the concept of good governance, but if you are a Democrat, it sure is fun to watch the Republican Party destroy itself.

Republicans used to keep their feuds behind closed doors, but now it seems they have developed a taste for self-destruction on the biggest stages.

Jamie Raskin was right. There was none of this chaos and dysfunction when George Santos was in charge.

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