Thursday, July 25, 2024

Jim Jordan Goes Dumpster Diving To Try To Save Biden Impeachment

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Biden impeachment looks dead, but that didn’t stop Rep. Jim Jordan from trying to save the effort to impeach President Biden.

House Judiciary Committee Chair Jordan (R-OH) repeated several now debunked points that he called facts and then attacked the FBI and Special Counsel Weiss:

So how does that impact the investigation? I think you should ask that you should ask the FBI why they were so reluctant. They told us if we don’t, when we wanted to see the 10 23 said this could jeopardize national security the safety of this confidential human source. You can’t know his name. They didn’t want to show it to us.

Then they finally did. I mean, this is the guy they paid, I think, since 2010. So for 14 years, they’ve been paying this guy. Um, and he’s a trusted source. And now we find out. Plus, I think there’s sort of the You know, when Christopher Steele lied to the FBI about President Trump, he gets paid more when Smirnov lies to the FBI about President Biden.

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Oh, he gets indicted. I mean, go figure. it doesn’t change the fundamental facts. It doesn’t change the facts.

That’s obviously, you know, David Weiss, the special counsel said he may be trying to influence this year. I will tell you this. Scott Brady. When Scott Brady, U. S. Attorney in Pittsburgh, when we talked to him, he had actually checked out the confidential human source. Where he traveled to when he traveled to and said that he felt he had the initial credibility.


Rep. @Jim_Jordan on the indictment of ex-FBI informant Alexander Smirnov: “It is what it is. It doesn’t change the fundamental facts.”

— CSPAN (@cspan) February 21, 2024

Jim Jordan also said that Republicans are looking at impeaching President Biden for things that they claim he did before he was a presidential candidate. Impeachment by definition is for high crimes and misdemeanors committed while in office.

Rep. Jordan claimed that the facts of the investigation have not changed, and he is right.

There was never any evidence that President Biden did anything wrong, and there is still no evidence that President Biden did anything wrong.

Jim Jordan is trying to resuscitate the dead Biden impeachment, but it over. Republicans need to take the loss and go home.

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