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Jim Jordan Humiliates Himself Trying To Get Alvin Bragg To Testify

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House Judiciary Committee Chair Jim Jordan (R-OH) has embarrassed himself by trying to get Alvin Bragg to testify before his Weaponization of Government Committee.

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Here is the letter that Jordan sent to Bragg:

— Rep. Jim Jordan (@Jim_Jordan) May 31, 2024

Jordan asked Bragg to testify before his committee.

Jim Jordan doesn’t have any oversight authority over Alvin Bragg. There is nothing that Jordan can do outside of asking the Manhattan DA to testify.

Rep. Jordan is apparently incapable of learning anything. In April 2023, Jordan held a hearing of his committee in Manhattan as part of his effort to intimidate and smear Bragg. The Manhattan DA humiliated him.

Alvin Bragg is never going to testify. Jim Jordan has no oversight authority, or legal means to compel Bragg to testify. The letter from Jordan was an embarrassing stunt, so that the Ohio congressman can hold a sham hearing in June and claim that Bragg would not show up to testify.

Since Donald Trump has not been sentenced, even if Bragg wanted to testify, he couldn’t because the Trump case is still an ongoing legal matter.

Jordan is trying to abuse his power as Judiciary Committee chair to help Trump with his appeal. One thing that Jordan definitely won’t do is invite Donald Trump to testify under oath because Jordan is trying to interfere in a criminal case for political gain.

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