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Jim Jordan Is Throwing A Fit Because C-SPAN Won’t Come To Manhattan To Show His Alvin Bragg Hearing

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House Judiciary Committee Chair Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) appears outraged that C-SPAN is not coming to Manhattan to show his hearing about Alvin Bragg.

House Judiciary Republicans tweeted:

Where’s @cspan?

— House Judiciary GOP (@JudiciaryGOP) April 13, 2023

A source in the article that House Judiciary Republicans retweeted who was definitely not, but maybe probably Jim Jordan or his office was quoted as saying, “Why will C-SPAN cover Democrat-run field hearings, but not Republican-run Judiciary Committee field hearings? That doesn’t seemed ‘balanced’ at all, and frankly Americans deserve better from the network. If C-SPAN refuses to fairly cover Democrat and Republican hearings, then Americans should cut their subscription to the network.”

.@Cspan covered Democrat-run field hearings in the past.

But so-far, have refused to cover Republican-run Judiciary Committee field hearings.


— House Judiciary GOP (@JudiciaryGOP) April 13, 2023

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I watch and monitor a lot of C-SPAN, and I do not recall them covering very many or frankly any field hearings when Democrats were in the majority.

Republicans can try to cancel their subscriptions to C-SPAN, but C-SPAN is not a subscription service. C-SPAN is a free channel that is a private non-profit that is funded by cable and satellite providers. C-SPAN does show public affairs programming outside of Washington, D.C., but Jordan is trying to make it seem like the network covers a lot of congressional field hearings, and that is not true.

Rep. Jordan and the House Republicans are angry because their sham hearing that is intended to smear Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg and interfere in the criminal case against Donald Trump is not poised to generate much mainstream media attention.

If C-SPAN is passing that is a bad sign of Jordan’s abuse of power to help Donald Trump.

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