Jim Jordan Quickly Changes The Subject When Asked If He Will Subpoena Alvin Bragg

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Rep. Jim Jordan quickly changed the subject to conspiracy theories when asked if he will subpoena Alvin Bragg.


Jim Jordan quickly changes the subject when asked if he is going to subpoena Alvin Bragg, “Everything’s on the table Maria…We think that this is, here’s I think maybe the most important thing we think this is bigger this involves all of us.” pic.twitter.com/79bnFwORBK

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) April 2, 2023

Jordan said on Fox’s Sunday Morning Futures when asked if he would subpoena Alvin Bragg:

Everything’s on the table, Maria we’re going to talk with the other chairman and look at the response we just got his letter back we’re reviewing that but we think that this is here’s I think maybe the most important thing we think this is bigger this involves all of us I don’t think it’s an accident that the same week we learn that the IRS knocked on Matt Taibbi’s door while he’s testifying in congress that same week as when we learn a district attorney is going to a left-wing district attorney is Soros back district attorney is going to go after the former President Of The United States.

I mean that is the scary thing that they paid a foreigner, think about this they paid a foreigner to put together a fake dossier to spy on President Trump’s campaign the FTC sends letters to Twitter demanding who are the journalists you’re talking to and then of course when Matt Taibbi’s testifying the IRS is knocking on his door and now An indictment of a former president the guy who happens to be leading in every single poll this is about all of us this Is about going out after anyone who opposes the left’s agenda the establishment’s agenda and that’s maybe the most scary thing of all.

Jordan was trying to scare Trump supporters into coming out to protest. Trump’s defenders are still trying to make his supporters feel connected to the indictment and like the indictment puts them in jeopardy. Rep. Jordan even used the word scary.

Jim Jordan knows that Bragg will never have to testify before the House, and there is nothing that the House can do to make him testify because House Republicans have no oversight jurisdiction over a local prosecutor.

Jordan doesn’t want to talk about something that even he probably knows is never going to happen, so he threw a bunch of conspiracy theories out there and tried to escalate the fear because Trump supporters don’t protest the myth of the former president’s political might will be shattered.

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