Jim Jordan’s Weaponization Of DOJ Report Blows Up In His Face

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Rep. Jim Jordan’s Weaponization Of Government subcommittee issued a report about the DOJ targeting parents that revealed that it was parents who were threatening school boards.

The Washington Post report:

“In one investigation, an FBI field office interviewed a mom for allegedly telling a local school board ‘we are coming for you,’” states the report, which was entered into the record at a House Judiciary subcommittee hearing Thursday. It says the woman told the FBI that she was merely referring to “coming” for the officials electorally speaking.

In the Michigan case, the activist’s comments went well beyond “coming for you.” According to video of the November meeting of the Brighton, Mich., school board, the woman said: “We’re coming for you. Take it as a threat. Call the FBI. I don’t care. You’re all either going to be recalled or you’re all — we’re all coming for you. That’s what’s happening.”

Moms For Liberty is a well-fronted Republican front group that is dedicated to harassing and terrorizing school boards into implementing a far-right agenda. The weaponization subcommittee report is basically a laundering of Moms For Liberty propaganda that Jordan is attempting to legitimize into an attack on the Justice Department.

There is zero evidence that the DOJ targeted parents. There is substantial evidence that right-wing activists have been threatening school employees and officials. Republicans think Glenn Youngkin won the Virginia governor election because of the parents’ rights issue. The reality is that Democrats lost in Virginia in part because they nominated an unexciting retread candidate, and due to demographic changes in the state, Youngkin might be the win statewide for at least a decade.

Jordan’s report follows a typical House Republican pattern of completely cherry-picking or totally leaving out facts.

The examples cited in the document don’t prove what Republicans think they do.

The report backfires on Jordan by illustrating that the parents are dangerous extremists threatening school boards, not innocent targets of the DOJ.

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