Jimmy Kimmel Crushes It With A Melania Trump Broke Joke

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ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel said that the biggest loser of all due to Trump’s lack of money is his wife, Melania, who is going to get half of nothing.

Kimmel said:

The great white supremacist has until Monday to come up with a $464 million bond, or the state may seize and sell his property. Trump said, “Nobody has ever heard of anything like this before.” Trump needs cash  We’ve never heard of most of the crazy stuff you do before  Nobody ever heard of the president changing the weather with a Sharpie before, either. 

Something tells me that over the weekend, Trump’s going to start talking about how strong Vladimir Putin is, then suddenly a dump truck full of rubles will pull up and cover this for him  Of course, the real loser here is Melania  She may end up with half of the nothing he owns  I hope she got an advance on that prenup  If you think she hates him now, wait until he’s poor. 

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Jokes are abounding about Trump being unable to afford the New York fraud bond.

Even President Biden is joking about Trump’s lack of cash.

It is clear to everyone that Melania and Donald Trump do not have a relationship based on love. The Trumps are together as a business arrangement. Melania Trump has not committed to returning to Washington, DC, to serve as first lady if Donald Trump returns to the White House.

The former president deserves everything that happens to him. He is accused of engaging in decades of business fraud, and many feel that his wife, who seems to be there for the money, also deserves to be left with nothing.

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