John Oliver Destroys Abortion Pill Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk

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Last Week Tonight’s John Oliver tore apart Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk and his ruling banning the abortion pill.


Oliver said:

We always knew where Kacsmaryk, would go on an abortion case but the way he got there was still shockingly dishonest I one point his ruling excites a statistic that 77% of women who had a chemical abortion reported a negative change as a result but the sample for that study was based on 98 blog posts on an anti-abortion website even the study itself pointed out how non-representative it was saying most women reported that their medication abortion changed them which is not surprising given the name of the website abortion changes you and that is some heavy confirmation bias this is that site and using that as your source.

Look, ending access to mifepristone won’t in itself end medication abortions entirely it is possible to do it without mifepristone, but it can be more difficult and more painful also mifepristone isn’t just used for abortions it’s a critical tool for treating miscarriages so like most anti-abortion measures this ruling can also end up severely impacting those with medical complications from wanted pregnancies as well.

Can you imagine getting some of the worst news and then having to carry it around painfully with you for eight weeks all because some Disney Channel vice principal from Texas decided to play doctor for the entire [ __ ] country?

Now there have already been a lot of appeals on this and the Supreme Court just stepped in and put Kacsmaryk’s order on hold until at least this coming Wednesday so there’s a lot up in the air here but it is not ideal that the Dream Team who overturned Roe v Wade May soon decide whether to green like the sequel because overturning Roe was clearly never about returning it to the states it was always a step towards Banning abortion entirely and it’s frankly both absurd and infuriating that such vital healthcare can be thrown into chaos for everyone all because of the badly reasoned decisions of this [ __ ] guy.

It seems like abortion has become a Schrodinger’s right in this country the people simultaneously do and don’t have depending on where they live who’s in the White House and what the shi*tiest judge in America feels like doing that is why it is so important for it to be

protected by law ideally in the Constitution and for it to be recognized for what it is a basic right a human necessity.

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The only way to protect privacy and freedom in this country is to codify abortion. Oliver was right. Ideally, reproductive freedom would be added to the Constitution, but the odds of that happening are slim.

For decades Republicans have been complaining about activist judges, until they got the power, and then judicial activism has been used to subvert both the will of the people and the law of the land.

John Oliver has Kacsmaryk read perfectly, and if you don’t think this guy has some skeletons in his closet, I’ve got a bridge to sell you at Mar-a-Lago.

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