Thursday, July 25, 2024

John Oliver Destroys Fox News For Blaming Wokeness For SVB Collapse

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HBO’s John Oliver called out the stupidity of Fox News’s theory that Silicon Valley Bank failed because it was woke.


After playing clips of various Fox News personalities claiming that Silicon Valley Bank failed because it was woke, Oliver said, “What are you talking about? That is so stupid, I’m almost jealous. It must be so nice for them to blame everything that they don’t like or understand on wokeness. It rained on my birthday because of Critical Race Theory, and my son called me a b–ch because of socialism, and on top of all that I was late for work today because of a bunch of pronouns. I believe these things mind, body, and soul, and it makes my life monumentally easier. And the full context for the woke bank narrative is even dumber than you might think. Basically, Fox News grabbed on to some of SVB’s diversity initiatives and tried to spin those into the reason for the collapse. Even though as on expert in consumer finance pointed out, it had nothing to do with it. Adding that trying to tie the two together is like saying why isn’t blue the answer to one plus one.”

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John Oliver was right. The Fox News claim that wokeness is why Silicon Valley Bank failed is total nonsense.  There was a time when Fox News would have blamed the collapse on Joe Biden, but that was before Fox went all in on woke.

Fox can’t even define woke, much less use it as a cover for their lack of agenda.

The right is all in on woke, and the whole concept is a reminder of how empty Fox and the right have become.

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