Judge Shuts Down Trump Plan To Deliver Fraud Trial Closing Argument

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The judge in Donald Trump’s fraud trial has rescinded permission for the former president to deliver part of the closing statement in the penalty phase of his fraud trial.

Trump Won’t Be Delivering Any Closing Arguments

The AP reported:

Donald Trump won’t make his closing argument in his New York civil business fraud trial after his lawyers objected to the judge’s insistence that the former president would stick to “relevant” matters.


Judge Arthur Engoron rescinded permission on Wednesday, a day ahead of closing arguments in the trial.

The Judge Wasn’t Going To Allow Trump To Deliver A Campaign Speech

The fact that Trump’s lawyers objected when the judge insisted that Trump stick to relevant matters in his remarks gave away the game. Donald Trump was planning on hijacking the closing statements of the trial to create a political circus that he could have financially and potentially benefitted from with Republican voters.

Trump’s entire strategy has been to attempt to turn these cases into political stunts and freak shows. With hundreds of millions of dollars on the line and the potential that he will no longer be allowed to do business in the entire state of New York, the penalty phase of the fraud trial is a very serious matter that can be turned into a reality TV show that Trump would try to exploit for his own gain.

Judge Engoron made the right call by canceling this very special episode of the Trump show before it could get off the ground.

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