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Judge Tells Trump He’s Going To Jail For Next Gag Order Violation

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Judge Juan Merchan warned Trump that he would be jailed the next time he violated the gag order.

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Norm Eisen posted from inside the courtroom during the latest hearing on Trump gag order violations:

BREAKING: Judge is finding Trump in contempt for 10th time. This time fine BUT says

“Fines not serving as deterrent, going forward will consider jail sanction”

In response to jail warning, Trump gives Judge the absolute laser glare–if looks could kill… It is the same one I got last week (twice) Same as his mug shot if you want to picture it

Trump has been pushing and pushing Judge Merchan on the gag order, which is in part due to Trump’s strategy to politicize the trial. It is also due to the fact that Donald Trump has never been held accountable in his life. He is still trying to control the trial and will defy anyone who imposes limits on him.

Putting Trump in jail would raise logistical headaches. The likely option remains some sort of isolated confinement, like house arrest, that would restrict Trump’s movements to attending court for the duration of the trial.

Before he went to court on Monday morning, Trump seemed to know what was coming. He lied to reporters and blamed the gag order while refusing to answer a question about potentially testifying. 

If Donald Trump can’t get a hold of himself and follow the very narrow gag order until the end of the trial, he will end up incarcerated.

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