Kevin McCarthy Blames Biden For Israel Attack And Doesn’t Seem To Know He’s Not Speaker

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Kevin McCarthy blamed  President Biden for the attack on Israel while he offered to come back as Speaker of the House.

Bloomberg reported:

Sounding like he still had the job he lost last week, McCarthy called for swift action to aid Israel. He also tied the attack to President Joe Biden’s policies on Iran and used it as fodder to call for conservative priorities like securing the US southern border and scrutinizing aid to Ukraine.

“This is about a moment in time. This is about what America is going to do,” McCarthy told reporters Monday.

“I’ll allow the conference to make whatever decision,” McCarthy added. “I can lead in any position it is.”

President Biden had nothing to do with the attack on Israel. His policies had nothing to do with the attack on Israel. The attack had been in the planning stages for a very long time. Biden didn’t give Iran $6 billion, and no policy decisions that he made were the cause of what is happening in Israel.

Kevin McCarthy doesn’t seem to know that he is no longer the Speaker of the House, and he is not going to be the Speaker again.

McCarthy’s time is over. even if he hasn’t accepted the reality yet.

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