Kevin McCarthy Gets Humiliated While Lying About Democrats On National TV

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Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) lied about Democrats not wanting the CR to pass, but Face The Nation host Margaret Brennan told him that Democrats voted for the bill.


MARGARET BRENNAN: –But you weren’t–

SPEAKER MCCARTHY: –but our military–

MARGARET BRENNAN: –sure it was going to pass.

SPEAKER MCCARTHY: Well, well I wasn’t sure it was gonna pass. You want to know why? Because the Democrats tried to do everything they can, not to let it pass.

MARGARET BRENNAN: Democrats were the ones who voted for the–

SPEAKER MCCARTHY: –Did you, did you watch–

MARGARET BRENNAN: –and a large number of Republicans to keep the continuing resolution alive

SPEAKER MCCARTHY: –Did you watch the floor yesterday?



MARGARET BRENNAN: –90 Republicans voted against it.


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McCarthy went on to spin a tale about Democrats not really wanting the resolution to pass even though every single House Democrat, but one voted for it.

The hero in Kevin McCarthy’s view is Kevin McCarthy who seems oblivious to the idea that he didn’t have enough Republican votes to get the job done and had to rely on Democrats to save the country from a shutdown.

The one thing that President Biden, the House, and the Senate can all agree on is that Kevin McCarthy is a liar who does not keep his word.

McCarthy had his lie called out on Face The Nation, and it was humiliating, but in Trump-like fashion, he rolled on with more falsehoods.

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