Marjorie Taylor Greene Wants Biden To Give Up Secret Service Protection After Nashville School Shooting

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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) called President Biden a fool and demanded that his Secret Service protection be given up after the Nashville school shooting.

Greene tweeted her statement:

My prayers are with the victims and families at the Covenant School in Nashville. Another absolutely horrific needless tragedy.

Children and school staff should always be protected the same way politicians, money, precious stones, and gold are protected, but even more so, by…

— Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene🇺🇸 (@RepMTG) March 27, 2023

Rep. Greene’s solution to the nation’s epidemic of mass shootings is to give even more people easier access to guns. Greene attacked Biden for the existence of gun-free school zones because if there is one policy move that would definitely increase gun violence at schools it would be to end the gun-free school zone designation.

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How does taking away Biden’s Secret Service protection prevent mass shootings?

It doesn’t, but it does create a distraction to take away from the record that Greene and Republicans have of making it easier for mass shooters to kill more people through increasing the availability of deadly firearms to all.

Greene’s call for removal of Biden’s Secret Service protection doesn’t address the real issue.

The level of hatred that Rep. Greene has for the President Of The United States is so immense that she was incapable of controlling herself, acting like an elected official, and putting the trauma of the families who lost loved ones first.

Uvalde showed that a good guy with a gun does not stop anything if law enforcement doesn’t intercept the shooter. The shooting in Nashville was not even worse than it was because the police arrived very quickly and acted.

The NRA talking point about a good guy with a gun is not public policy. It is a marketing slogan for gun manufacturers.

Rep. Greene’s comments emphasize the point that Republicans don’t want to take policy steps that would lower the risk of mass shootings.

The GOP is more interested in using their version of the Second Amendment to turn out their voters in elections than saving lives by taking action on guns.

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