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Matt Gaetz Demands That DeSantis Stop Trump’s Extradition

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Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) is demanding that Gov. Ron DeSantis stop Trump’s potential extradition from Florida to New York to face criminal charges.

Video of Gaetz:

Matt Gaetz attacks Desantis: “Desantis should be standing in the breach to stop any sort of extradition of Trump from Florida. The fact that he’s not doing so puts every Floridian at risk.”

— Ron Filipkowski 🇺🇦 (@RonFilipkowski) March 22, 2023

Gaetz said, “Well if I were governor of Florida, I would not allow any Floridian to be hauled before some Soros-backed prosecutor in some blue city over politics, and I wouldn’t make some exception to not protect the President Of The United States. Ron DeSantis should be standing in the breach to stop any sort of extradition of President Trump from the state of Florida, and the fact that he is not doing so puts every Floridian at risk who could be the subject of a false allegation.”

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There is no evidence that Alvin Bragg is ‘Soros backed.’ That claim is a fantasy that Trump and the right cooked up. Secondly, Trump hasn’t been indicted yet, so there is no extradition. Ron DeSantis also doesn’t have the legal authority to stop Trump’s extradition, if it does happen. Lastly, there is a mountain of evidence against Trump. The Stormy Daniels payment is anything but a false allegation.

Gaetz is also considering running for governor, so his hypothetical about being governor is a bit of a projection about what Gaetz is thinking about doing.

Ron DeSantis may have thought that he could sidestep the Trump indictment, but the Trumpers are going to use it against DeSantis as evidence that he is not doing enough to support Trump, and if the former president goes down, look for DeSantis to get blamed.

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