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MD Exam Wants to Help You Focus on Losing Healthy Weight

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Losing weight can make you feel great. After all, slimming down has not only been shown to result in better sleep, improved moods, and more energy, but also to have long-term benefits for heart health. However, losing weight can also bring with it unwanted side effects, such as loss of muscle mass, nutritional deficiencies, and even depression.

MD Exam wants to ensure that anyone can lose weight and feel great without the negative side effects. That is why it provides affordable weight loss in a program that combines the latest medication, proven coaching, and modern technology. With MD Exam, people lose weight safely and keep it off for good.

“MD Exam is committed to fighting the obesity epidemic we are experiencing in the US,” says Sergio Padron, founder of MD Exam. “Our mission is to provide relief and better health, one patient at a time.”


The MD Exam difference

The latest stats on obesity in the US reveal that 2 in 5 adults and 1 in 5 children are considered obese, which means they have a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or higher. Health studies have linked obesity to a number of health issues, including cancer, strokes, diabetes, and heart disease. In addition, obesity has been shown to be an issue that costs the US healthcare system more than $170 billion per year.

MD Exam is a telemedicine company that believes obesity is a serious problem that deserves equal status with other leading medical conditions.

“The team at MD Exam sees obesity as the single biggest cause of the mental health crisis we are now experiencing,” says Padron. “We also see it as a treatable disease that far too many people struggle to overcome. The deck is stacked against those in our culture who are trying to improve their physical and mental health by losing weight.”

MD Exam empowers people to win the weight loss struggle. Its program is backed by science and research, providing patients with a proven and well-balanced approach to achieving a healthier lifestyle. MD Exam is not a weight loss gimmick, but a sustainable plan that results in lasting change for patients.

The MD Exam process

One of the keys to MD Exam’s success is its catered approach. The program pairs patients with a member of its clinical team to design a program specifically formulated for the individual, leveraging the latest medication to improve overall health.

“Losing weight in a healthy way requires figuring out what makes sense for your body and your life, not what works for the influencers on social media,” Padron says.

Patients begin their weight loss journey with MD Exam by completing an intake form reviewed by the clinical team. The information provided during intake allows the team to understand each patient’s unique circumstances and assess what treatment they are qualified to receive. The MD Exam team then develops and shares a personalized weight loss program based on medical history and weight loss goals.

Weight loss teleconsultation

The MD Exam programs

Patients who sign on with MD Exam participate in one of four programs, each of which provides a unique approach to weight loss. The programs are based around FDA-approved weight loss drugs, access to which is included in the program fees.

The Game Changer program uses Semaglutide to aid weight loss. The drug is a highly effective GLP1 that interacts with hormones in the body to reduce hunger and make patients feel full faster. Patients can receive the drug as a weekly injection or in tablet form.

MD Exam’s Ultimate Program uses Tirzepatide — the strongest weight loss drug available to patients today. Tirzepatide is an appetite suppressor. MD Exam’s doctors recommend patients experience the Game Changer program before trying the Ultimate.

These weight loss drugs are just a part of the program that patients will gain access to. They also receive an exercise and habit change program, advanced calorie and nutrition tracking, access to an online community, and dedicated support.

“The biggest issue that keeps people from managing their weight effectively is lack of knowledge about proper exercise, eating, and self-care habits,” Padron says. “MD Exam doesn’t help patients lose weight as quickly as possible, it helps patients change their lifestyle and habits so their weight loss can be long-term and progressive. As long as people are willing to change habits, their life will change.”

Patients who have worked with MD Exam report impressive results. One patient from Detroit, for example, lost 40 pounds in 3 months. More importantly, though, the patient shared that he now feels like he is in control of his life.

“I created MD Exam because I wanted to create a certified and safe solution for weight loss that prioritized physical and mental health,” shares Padron. “I wanted to help people lose weight and change their lives. There is nothing better than to look someone in the eyes and see how our company has helped them become happier and more confident.”

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