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Media Finally Realizes It’s Republicans Not Democrats Who Are In Disarray

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Things are so bad in the Republican-led U.S. House of Representatives that CNN’s chyron read “GOP in Crisis, GOP Scrambling after Scalise Drops Out of Speaker’s Race.”


House Republicans are scrambling after Rep. Steve Scalise dropped out of the speaker’s race

— CNN (@CNN) October 13, 2023

After ‘David Duke without the baggage’ Rep. Steve Scalise dropped out, Rep. Jim Jordan of 1/6 infamy continued to face challenges in getting support. Scalise ally Rep. Ann Wagner said absolutely not when asked if she would support Jordan for Speaker, citing his “disgraceful, ungracious” concession speech:

“Absolutely not,” said Rep. Ann Wagner, a Scalise ally, when I asked if she will support Jordan for speaker.

“Yesterday in conference, he gave the most disgraceful, ungracious – I can’t call it a concession speech – of all time. There were gasps in the room.”

The extremism rot that has ruled House Republicans for over a decade and is “MAGA” in its latest iteration might finally be facing its extinction due to its overarching principle of self-aggrandizement at the cost of governing (see Sarah Palin quitting as governor to rant on Fox News and go on Tea Party bus parties around the country).

If a coalition government isn’t formed and Republicans manage to find someone egregious enough to mollify the worst of all factions to elevate to the position of Speaker — and there are very few Republicans who are not egregious left in that chamber, after all this is the party that refuses to stand up to Donald Trump even post 91 criminal indictments and being found legally liable for rape and fraud — then Republicans will continue to prove why they shouldn’t be in elected office due to their clear and obvious inability to do the most basic parts of the job.

It has taken the House being without a speaker during an international crisis involving a terror attack on a U.S. ally whom Republicans claim to support but not enough to pick a Speaker so they can approve aid and assistance to said ally for the media to finally accuse Republicans of being in crisis — after years of plastering “Dems in disarray” over policy disagreements in the Democratic coalition with Independents.

It isn’t ever discussed that Democrats disagree over actual policy, while in the House Republicans are disagreeing about personality cults.

Yes, not even the 15 rounds to get first Speaker in history to be kicked to the curb McCarthy elected to the job managed to get such headlines for the party of political corruption and naked power grabs. Nor did they earn these headlines when they again pushed the country to the cliff by not funding the government until the last minute, which they only managed to do with the help of Democrats, who have been anointed by the media as the caretakers sans credit of all Republicans.

Never before in recent history has the Republican Party been held accountable for its inability to govern and its nihilistic anti-government radicalism. It has taken their inability to even pick a leader during a crisis with Israel to get here, perhaps because the terrorist attack on Israel has been called Israel’s 9/11.

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