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Nancy Pelosi Reminds America That The 1/6 Committee Got Trump Indicted

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Former Speaker of the House and current Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-NY) reminded the country that it was the work of the 1/6 Committee that lead to Trump’s indictment.

Pelosi said on MSNBC’s The Last Word:

 The majority of the Republicans in the House voted against the peaceful transfer of power and followed the lead of their puppeteer as he shines the light on the strings as he orchestrates them. It’s so sad for our country. But that’s okay I don’t agonize, I just go forward and now it’s in the court of law. He’s innocent until proven guilty. He is not above the law. The facts and the law will determine the outcome and god bless America. The rule of law is all-important. Not only has this president, not going through the particulars because it’s for others to do, but this act is, it’s disrespect for the rule of law.

Yet another, I mean, you can’t charge him for that, I guess, but it’s a disgraceful part of his performance. So here we are historically at a place in time, the first week in August where a first term a president of the United States has been charged. Tomorrow he will be arraigned, and largely because of the work of the committee, the January six committee, established to investigate what happened leading up to January 6th, again, pretty exciting. Really an act of courage and patriotism on the part of the members of the committee.

Video of Pelosi:

Nancy Pelosi points out Trump would not be facing arraignment without the work of the 1/6 Committee, “Tomorrow he will be arraigned, and largely because of the work of the committee, the January six committee.” pic.twitter.com/sMi14Zbms4

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) August 3, 2023

Rep. Liz Cheney lost her seat in a Republican primary for serving as Vice Chair of the 1/6 Committee, and Adam Kinzinger opted to retire from Congress instead of potentially losing a primary for serving on the Committee. The members of the 1/6 Committee were threatened and harassed by Trump and his supporters.

The Committee stayed focused on its work and did its job so well that the DOJ was pressured into investigating Trump. The Committee is a big part of the reason why Trump is charged with obstruction and conspiracy to defraud the United States. Without the the 1/6 Committee Donald Trump might have gotten away with an attempted coup.

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