Nearly Half Of House Republicans Voted To Shut Down The Government

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Nearly as many House Republicans (106) voted to shut down the government, as voted to fund the government with a short term continuing resolution and keep it open (107).

CNN reported, “House Republicans were nearly evenly divided over the short-term funding extension, a sign of the deep rift within the conference and the challenges facing the speaker. One hundred and seven House Republicans voted for the bill, while 106 voted against it. Far more Democrats than Republicans voted for the measure with 207 Democrats in favor and just two opposed.”

The final vote was 314-108, and yes Democrats did provide roughly two thirds of the votes to keep the government open even though they are in the minority in the House.

It is supposed by the job of the House majority to lead and govern, but Republicans have zero interest in using their majority for governance.

House Republicans are such a mess that they can’t stop fighting with each other long enough to do the minimum that their job requires.

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