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New Roger Stone Video Shatters Trump’s Fake Elector Defense

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MSNBC’s Ari Melber aired an exclusive video of Roger Stone discussing the fake elector plot before the election was called, which shatters Trump’s defense.

Melber said after playing the Stone video:

Let me make a clear point about this exclusive here on The Beat tonight. That was before the presidential race had been called for Biden. This is important, take a look. Stone pushing the elector plot as you just saw with your own eyes all the way back on November 5th, 2020. That’s a shot of the video on the left we have broken as news tonight. People had voted but the race had not been called. It was two full days later, November 7th, 2020, when the numbers and nonpartisan outlets called for Biden the White House.

That hurts the defense that these officials were acting in good faith they won. Indeed, this particular piece of evidence, this video shows quite the opposite for stone. He was pushing the plot not because he believed Trump won or was looking at the numbers or because the results were called. That hasn’t happened yet. Regardless of the results that weren’t in, he was pushing this plot. Stone’s words on video were early — a month before now indicted Ken Cheseboro penned the memo outlining the plot, long been Rudy Giuliani was recruiting those people.

The hubris of Roger Stone may come back to haunt Trump in a big way. The Stone video shows that Trump’s team was working on the fake elector plot before the election had been called. The fake electors were not spontaneous or born out of a contested election. Trump and his allies knew that they were going to lose, so they immediately set out to overthrow the United States government to keep Donald Trump illegally in the White House.

If Trump and his co-conspirators sincerely thought that they won, they would not have been devising schemes to overturn the results before a winner was declared.

The video is proof of criminal intent and a severe blow to Trump’s defense.

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