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Nikki Haley Support Doubles In South Carolina As Signs Of Trump Weakness Grow

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Trump’s support has grown in South Carolina, but Nikki Haley’s has doubled, as even in a Southern red state there are signs of concern about Trump’s electability.

What Does The Monmouth University Poll Say About Trump And Nikki Haley In South Carolina?

Monmouth University wrote about the Monmouth University-Washington Post Poll:

A majority (58%) of potential Republican primary voters currently support Trump (up from 46% in September) while 32% support Haley (up from 18% in the fall). Trump commands majority support among both men (62%) and women (54%) and all age groups (62% among those ages 18 to 49, 58% among those ages 50 to 64, and 57% of those age 65 and older). He has especially high levels of support among white evangelicals (69%) and voters without a college degree (68%). Trump splits the vote with Haley among voters who are not white evangelical (46% to 42% for Haley) and college graduates (44% to 46% for Haley).

Here Are The Signs Of Trump’s Weakness

Red flag number one is that Trump is under 60% support in a deep red state that should be fertile ground for a romp. Only 69% of South Carolina Republicans said that they would be excited or satisfied if Trump is the nominee. Just 71% of Republicans in South Carolina believe that Trump will beat President Biden.

South Carolina is one of the most conservative states in the country, and a third of the Republican electorate, roughly, isn’t enthused about Trump and has doubts about his electability.

Nikki Haley isn’t going to win in South Carolina, but what happens if she keeps hammering Trump on electability and being in mental decline? Can she get her level of support up to 40% or more and deny the landslide win in Haley’s home state that he thinks will knock her out of the race?

Some trends are emerging in all of the Republican primary polling. Trump has a problem with Independents. Republicans aren’t united behind the former president, and there are concerns about Donald Trump’s ability to beat President Biden and electability.

Nikki Haley is exposing Trump as a weak candidate. Even though the former president is winning in the early primary states with Republicans, his general election flaws could be politically fatal to his campaign.

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