Oh Crap Moment For Trump As Prosecutors Introduce Docs Showing He Cooked The Books

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Trump Organization exec Jeffrey McConney is testifying as prosecutors have introduced evidence that Donald Trump cooked the books to hide reimbursing hush money to Michael Cohen.

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MSNBC’s Katie Phang tweeted:

Next up is the 1099 for the Donald J. Trump personal account from tax year 2017 for Michael Cohen payments.

On the 1099 FORM: “Non-employee compensation: $315,000”

— Katie Phang (@KatiePhang) May 6, 2024

McConney testifies about the Office of Government Ethics (OGE), to which Trump would send his annual financial disclosures when he was a candidate and as president.

— Katie Phang (@KatiePhang) May 6, 2024

Trump lied on his disclosure form to the Office of Government Ethics when he took office, which is so on brand and in character for Trump that it would be shocking if not a single eye blinked in the courtroom.

One of Donald Trump’s biggest problems in this case is that there is no evidence on his side to balance out the prosecution’s argument. Trump’s defense comes down to a claim that he didn’t do it and that Michael Cohen acted alone.

If this is true, why are there no communications or testimony that Trump condemned Cohen’s actions or put a stop to them?

The testimony so far in this trial has been that Trump knew about the meetings, participated in the catch and kill, and supported keeping this information away from voters before Election Day 2016.

In this case, there is a paper trial leading straight to Donald J. Trump.

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