Paul Ryan Finds His Spine And Says GOP Will Lose With Trump

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Former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan said that Republicans will lose if they nominate Trump, and he would boycott the convention if Trump is the nominee.

Video of Ryan saying that Republicans will lose with Trump:

Paul Ryan: “If we nominate Trump again we are going to lose…We lost with him in 18′, 20′ and 22′. We know this. He will cost us another election.”

— Republican Accountability (@AccountableGOP) February 24, 2023

Ryan said in an interview on local Wisconsin television, “I’m backing the person not named Donald Trump, so I don’t really have a dog in the fight other than that. If we nominate Trump again, we’re going to lose again. It’s just that clear. We lost with him in ’18, ’20, and ’22. We know this. He will cost us another election, so I am just excited about somebody not named Trump.”

Ryan said in the same interview that he wouldn’t attend the Republican convention in Wisconsin if Trump is the nominee:

Paul Ryan said he won’t attend the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee if Trump is the nominee.

— PatriotTakes 🇺🇸 (@patriottakes) February 25, 2023

Ryan said that he is not interested in participating in a Trump convention, even if it was in Wisconsin.

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It has taken decades, but Paul Ryan may have finally found something resembling a spine. It is way too late, and this would have been nice to have back in 2016 when there could have been an effort to stop Trump from within the Republican Party.

The biggest argument against Trump that is being made by Republican elites is that Trump is a loser. There is no evidence that any other potential GOP primary field candidates could win a general election. The picture emerging of Ron DeSantis is not good, and none of the other potential members of the Republican field have much of a shot at beating Trump.

Ryan is right about one thing. Republicans keep losing with Trump, and they aren’t going to win the White House back with him still around.

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