Thursday, April 18, 2024

Pro-Trump Social Media Site Wants To Sell Anti-Vaxxer Sperm

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The pro-Trump social media site Gettr is looking to expand its business by selling the sperm of anti-vaxxers.

Rolling Stone reported:

FIGHTING TO SURVIVE in the crowded ecosystem of far-right social media companies, the pro-Trump platform Gettr has in recent weeks held high-level deliberations on the oddest of business pivots: remaking the site to add an online clearinghouse for human sperm.

But it’s not just any sperm. The proposal would see the company expand to include a marketplace for semen from men who haven’t taken any of the vaccines against Covid-19.

Three sources familiar with the matter, and a fourth briefed on the situation, describe serious, repeated discussions about creating the online anti-vax semen market, in which unvaccinated men would self-advertise and sell sperm to the highest bidder. Two of the sources say stakeholders have gone so far as to explore possible “testing requirements” to ensure specimens came from unvaccinated donors.

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Right-wing social media has reached the point where they aren’t worried about potentially selling unsafe sperm. Their biggest concern is that the sperm seller might be secretly vaccinated.

Interest in American politics is down across the spectrum, which means that political media companies had had to reinvent themselves or change the way that they do business. However, it is difficult to imagine that there is a massive market for unvaccinated sperm out there, and the kind of men who are unvaccinated probably have plenty of excess inventory to put on the market, so to speak.

The idea has been floated by Steve Bannon’s arrested Chinese fraudster sugar daddy Guo Wengui.

If a website is faring so poorly that they may have to sell unvaccinated sperm to keep the lights on, it might be time to shut it down.

It sounds like things might be getting a little bit desperate in some parts of right-wing media.

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