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Rachel Maddow Cuts Trump To The Bone With Stormy Daniels Hush Money Analysis

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Rachel Maddow showed how Trump committed a crime then had everyone bend over backward to protect him from prosecution, and the damage he has done to the DOJ and the rule of law.


Maddow said:

So this is a crime that was committed in 2016. The last time it was in court was in 2018. The last time someone went to jail for this crime was in 2019. Federal prosecutors bobbled it and they simultaneously blocked state prosecutors from pursuing it themselves for a long time. There was also a weird interlude where one Manhattan D.A., one New York state prosecutor started an investigation into this matter, and then a new prosecutor came into office and stopped that investigation and then the new prosecutor restarted it a few months later after some of the lawyers who had been working on Trump-related investigations quit in protest and did so loudly.

This has been a weird saga. This has been an on-again, off-again criminal case. At its core it is a simple crime. It is a very understandable crime. One in which the evidence is really clear. And for years now, I mean we’re going on seven years since the crime, five years since people started going to prison for it, for years people have been doing backflips to make sure there are no consequences for the guy who committed the crime and was the only one to benefit from it. The purpose was to help Donald Trump’s campaign for president.

He did become the president. Which apparently does give you carte Blanche to stay out of handcuffs for four years while occupying the oval office. But not after. It doesn’t last once you’re out, once you are out of the oval office you’re supposed to go back to being the kind of person who isn’t allowed to get caught committing crimes without having to pay. It has taken alt of these years, I am happy to say Stormy Daniels is doing fine. She’s doing better than fine. We’re about to find out if we can say the same about the rule of law and the justice system which they royally screwed up.

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The case itself is not complicated. It is fairly open and shut. Donald Trump broke the law by paying Stormy Daniels hush money during the 2016 presidential campaign. We know that Donald Trump is the man behind the crime. Donald Trump benefitted from the crime, but because he made it to the White House, Trump was able to use the power of the presidency to cover up his crime and block investigations.

Electing Joe Biden president did not fix the rule of law and the Department of Justice. The DOJ may never be the same again. Precedents have been set that another corrupt future president could easily follow.

The best way to reestablish the rule of law in the United States is to criminally charge Donald J. Trump.

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