Rachel Maddow Discusses The Attack On Democracy If Trump Is Indicted

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Rachel Maddow said that the US judicial system will be attacked like it has never been before if Donald Trump is indicted.


Maddow said:

The first grand jury that we’ll hear from is in Georgia and we will hear from them this week. If he thought it was our American version of one of these guys to be attacking in the press for challenging him and attacking the FBI and Justice Department for investigating him, then what is around the corner for our democracy is he is indicted? What is around the corner from us is if is indicted is an attack on the specific system, the specific system that holds the power to indict him and potentially arrest him and put him in court and put them on trial. It is one thing to (inaudible) with the people that investigate you but what you do with the courts, and do you attack that system with the same willingness to burn down one of the pillars of our democracy?

All around the world we know what it looks like when far-right leaders try to disassemble those kind of systems to assert and maintain total power for themselves. We have never had to contend with that here. We have a lot to learn quickly about how we will sure those things up, so they stay standing about what is very likely coming.

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Maddow was correct. American democracy has never faced an attack on the court system like Trump and his allies will launch if the former president is indicted. It is very likely that almost all of the Republican Party will defend Trump by attacking the rule of law, and the judicial branch of the government.

Trump has attacking the courts since they stopped him from overturning the 2020 election, but if he is indicted, something far more dangerous could be unleashed. Trump and Republicans could attack the pillar of our system that upholds the law. It will be a major test, that will only be passed by convicting Donald Trump and holding him accountable.

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