Saturday, June 22, 2024

Rachel Maddow Dismantles Georgia GOP For Trying To Save Trump

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Rachel Maddow showed that Georgia Republicans are willing to destroy democracy to save themselves and Trump from prosecution.


Maddow said:

And I don’t know, maybe this would be easier to see if it were happening in another country. And, you know, maybe the leader of their party is still going to face criminal charges in other jurisdictions where he’s under criminal investigation, like federally, or in New York state where he’s under criminal investigation. Maybe he will, maybe he won’t. None of us know. But in the one place where he is under criminal investigation, and his party is in full control of the state government, they’ve just decided for the first time in the state’s history, that it is within their own power to remove prosecutors in the middle of their duties on their own say so. And, yes, this is a story about Georgia, and yes, this is a story about Trump, and the potential charges he’s facing. But this is a whole new step for us as a country. This is a new thing for us as a democracy.

This is not ranting against the investigators. We’ve seen that before. And calling people names, and even picking off individuals in the law enforcement system to try and turn them into enemies. As bad as that is, we’ve seen it all before. This isn’t just verbally and politically delegitimizing the entities. Those are bad things to do.

But this is more.

Sticks and stones, right? But this is dismantling the way the legal system works so it will no longer work against him. This isn’t a resolution denouncing a prosecutor who might bring charges against Donald Trump. This is giving Republicans, this is Republicans voting to give themselves the power to remove a prosecutor that acts in the way they don’t like as she’s on the precipice of potentially bringing charges against him. This passed the Georgia state legislature tonight and will soon be on its way to the governor. For Georgia, yes, but for us as a country, this is a benchmark moment.

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Republicans are willing to destroy democracy in Georgia to save Trump and their own skins. The idea that Republicans in Georgia are going to give themselves the power to remove prosecutors who are elected officials if they do something that the Republicans don’t like.

Maddow was correct. What Georgia Republicans are trying to do is a danger to democracy. The Georgia GOP would rather destroy democracy than see Trump indicted/

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