Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Rachel Maddow Just Crushed GOP Dreams Of Trump Strength

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Rachel Maddow pointed out how Trump’s dominance of the Republican primary field suggests the weakness of the GOP and the strength of President Biden.

Maddow said:

Things might change but at least so far on the Republican side, hey Republican Party, how you doing, it’s turning out to not be a race at all. Which means the only Republican who appears to have any shot at all at running against President Biden is the former guy, who as Chris Christie pointed out this weekend is likely to be out on bail in four different jurisdictions at the time of the first presidential debate. If they have one given these are the contours of the Republican presidential primary.

The only person who the Republican Party appears capable of putting up to run against Joe Biden is someone who is likely to be out on bail in as many as four different jurisdictions by the time the first Republican debate happens. It’s someone who is running for the presidency as a Hail Mary to dismantle the American legal system and constitutional structure and thereby keep himself out of prison. This is not the only candidate the Republicans should be able to credibly field in this election against Joe Biden if they really think that President Biden is beatable.

A Biden economy that everyone begrudgingly admits is working for everyone, even if nobody wants to credit Joe Biden for it, and an accused felon promising to destroy the country as the only challenger they’re able to put forward.


Maddow also discussed how Republican parties in five key states are being run by ‘nutjobs’ to use the term National Review used who have no interest in running a political party, so they are running these state parties into the ground.

If Republicans really thought Biden was beatable, they would attract a better class of candidates the 75 felony counts Trump, a fascist Keebler elf type in Ron DeSantis, and ten other never going to be president ever contenders.

Trump isn’t dominating because he is that strong. He is dominating because the Republican Party is that weak, and they know that the odds of beating an incumbent president with a decent economy are slim.

Donald Trump’s perceived strength is actually the Republican Party’s weakness.

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