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Rachel Maddow Reminds America That People Not The Courts Will Save Democracy

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Rachel Maddow said it will be the American people not the courts who will defeat Trump and save democracy.

Rachel Maddow said:

I will just leave you with this. There, there’s no magic spell, there’s no solution that is going to come say from the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court did the favor of reminding us all of that today when they ruled that Trump will stay on the ballot all over the country. They gave us that reminder today after last week, they made sure we knew it in the first place when they, someone inexplicably took action to delay all the Trump, the Trump criminal trials except the one they couldn’t stop until after the election.

There’s no magic wand coming to stop this thing. There’s no, you know, magic beans that you can grow here that make some bean stalk, take us away from all of this. There’s only one way out of this pick one. The Democratic Party has picked its nominee. Yes, it’s an old guy who is doing practical, normal and popular things as president and who has a lot to show for it, particularly in terms of how well things are going economically since he has been at the helm. The Republican Party is pretty obviously picking their guy as well. Also an old guy who for example, cannot say the word Venezuela and who has no idea who is the current President Of The United States currently riding high on his party’s abortion bans and measles curious virological denialist free associating. He’s trying to warm the American people up to the idea of just a little bit of dictatorship from him and he’s getting us ready to, you know, start building camps to hold millions because his advisers say the deportations start at noon on day one.

The courts are not going to help the law will be a sidebar to the main decision. You will make this decision. The only way this decision will be made is by you picking one by you volunteering and donating and campaigning and deciding it matters enough to you to not only vote but to help, to help your candidate try to win the Republican Party. Really, really is amazing right now. But the only thing that will stop them is Democrats winning instead, period, full stop.

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Rachel #Maddow “The courts are not going to help. The law will be a side bar to the main decision. You will make this decision. The only way this decision will be made is by you picking one.”

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) March 5, 2024

For a long time, at least going back to Mueller, some people in the media sold the left the idea that the courts would stop Trump. Someday, Trump may very well be criminally convicted, but the courts operate on a different schedule than the election calendar, so there is no certainty that Donald Trump will ever be convicted.

The only way that Donald Trump will ever be stopped is if a majority of voters vote against him. The ballot box isn’t as flashy as a court case and requires work from all of us, but it is the most effective way to save democracy in the United States.

It will not be a court, a judge, or a prosecutor who saves the day.

You, your friends, and your relatives will save democracy by defeating Donald Trump.

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