Rachel Maddow’s Interview With Mark Pomerantz Is Trump’s New Nightmare

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Mark Pomerantz gave details to Rachel Maddow about the size and scope of Trump’s crimes that is a nightmare for the former president.


Maddow asked Pomerantz as she listed details from his book:

I mentioned in the introduction that there were at least nine different sort of criminal areas of inquiry about potential criminality that the DA’s office was looking into at the time you joined. You say one of them was the hush money payment to Stormy Daniels. Another one was taxes, potential improper business expense deductions, deductions of consulting fees in his relationship with Deutsche Bank could he have defrauded Deutsche Bank by getting financing through overstated financial statements, whether he had engaged in money laundering using overseas bank accounts? The accuracy of materials he provided to the GSA about the old post office and a host of other things including insurance fraud, the restructuring of his loan on his Chicago skyscraper.

You go on and on and on. When you describe that litany of areas of potential criminal inquiry for Trump and when you describe your reasoning and the debates between you and your team about the hush money thing, are you giving a potential lifeline to Donald Trump’s defense lawyers that if they do end up getting charged with anything related to any of those items including the hush money matter, that your book could bed as evidence to question the charges in court to say, look, prosecutors have been looking at this for a long time, responsible prosecutors looked at this, decided nothing is there and decided not to charge in the past. This is an overreach. Have you given the defense a leg up here?

Pomerantz answered:

Look, I don’t think we’ve given the defense any kind of leg up. When you look at the public reporting about the grand jury presentation that may now be underway, obviously I don’t know, what’s going on behind closed doors in the DA’s office, and I don’t know what evidence isow being presented. I don’t know whether charges will be brought.

But as it relates to the hush money circumstances, those facts had been known literally for years. Michael Cohen wrote about them in his book. He testified about them, Stormy Daniels wrote a book. Stormy Daniels appeared on Michael Cohen’s podcast to talk about it and the federal prosecutors brought their own prosecution based on those facts, so I’m not letting any cats out of the bag, if you will.

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It is bad for Trump to have someone as skilled as Mark Pomerantz out there neatly summarizing all of his alleged criminal activity for the nation to understand. Trump has a mountain of legal troubles, and they are likely to only get worse.

Rachel Maddow’s interview with Mark Pomerantz is confirming what most Americans have always thought of Trump. He was America’s first criminal president.

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