Republican Party Donations Plunge Under Trump To Their Lowest Level Since 2015

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In another sign that Trump is killing the Republican Party, donations to the RNC have fallen to their lowest level since 2015.

The Washington Post reported:

The Republican National Committee disclosed that it had $9.1 million in cash on hand as of Oct. 30, the lowest amount for the RNC in any Federal Election Commission report since February 2015. That compares with about $20 million at the same point in the 2016 election cycle and about $61 million four years ago, when Trump was in the White House.

The Democratic National Committee reported having $17.7 million as of Oct. 30, almost twice as much as the Republican Party, with one year before the election.

It is normal for the party that doesn’t control the White House to see a drop in fundraising compared to when they did. What is not normal is to see a decline of more than $50 million.

The Washington Post focuses the entire article on RNC Ronna Romney McDaniel, but they never mention the likely real reason for the drop in fundraising. It isn’t McDaniel who is to blame for the party’s falling revenue. It is Donald Trump.

The lack of RNC funds signals that Republicans aren’t enthused about having Trump as their nominee. The problem for all Republicans who aren’t the former president is that Trump tends to suck up most of the fundraising money from small Republican donors. Trump leaves everyone else fighting for scraps.

A political party that is poised to defeat an incumbent president should see an uptick in donor enthusiasm. That is not happening for Republicans. RNC fundraising is essential because the RNC’s primary duty is to get out the Republican vote.

The problem isn’t Ronna McDaniel. The problem is Donald Trump.

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