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Republicans Are Desperately Trying To Get Out Of Biden Impeachment

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Trump is demanding it, but House Republicans don’t have the votes, so they are searching for a way out of Biden impeachment.

Politico reported:

Behind the scenes, Republicans of all ideological persuasions are increasingly admitting that they pulled the trigger on Biden’s impeachment too soon and that the effort has been hobbled by embarrassing setbacks. They’ve accused the president of profiting off the Oval Office but have yet to find any proof that the president benefitted from his family’s business dealings. And it doesn’t help their case that the informant behind the most prominent and scandalous accusations of corruption by Biden was found to have lied to the FBI about those allegations and has been indicted.

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There’s also another matter to contend with: Trump. His spokeswoman recently insisted that the former president expects Republicans to impeach Biden despite news that their top witness lied about his allegations.

House Republicans don’t have the votes to impeach the President, so they are tossing around the idea of criminal referrals to the DOJ, new legislation on influence peddling, or filing a lawsuit.

Yeah, the situation is glum for House Republicans.

This is what happens when a House majority tries to impeach a president without any evidence. Republicans committed to the impeachment without having an impeachable offense.

House Republicans led by the dynamic duo of James Comer and Jim Jordan have painted themselves into a corner. The House GOP could hold an impeachment vote, which will fail, and only serve to enrage Trump even more. The House majority is likely already history for the GOP, so if they are thinking that they can save their majority with some gesture short of impeachment, that ship has sailed.

House Republicans are soon going to have to face the consequences of trying to impeach a president without any evidence.

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