Ron DeSantis Tried To Interact With Humans In Iowa And It Did Not Go Well

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Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) brought his book tour to Iowa and continued to have difficulty interacting with other human beings.

The New York Times reported:

She smiled widely and pointed to her hoodie as she told the governor that her son attended college in his home state. Mr. DeSantis — dressed in a dark blue suit with a light blue, open-collar shirt and black boots — stood on the opposite side of 10 metal bike racks separating him from the crowd. He gave a slight nod to Ms. Barker and told her about his state’s new “grandparent waiver” that gives tuition breaks to out-of-state students whose grandparents are Florida residents.

But Ms. Barker, a 50-year-old teacher who had driven about an hour to see the Florida governor in Davenport, does not have any other family in the Sunshine State, and she narrowed her eyes in confusion at his response.

The interaction underscored both the promise and the potential pitfall of a presidential bid for Mr. DeSantis. His preference for policy over personality can make him seem awkward and arrogant or otherwise astonishing in person, depending on the voter and the success or failure of his one-on-one exchanges.

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DeSantis does not connect well with other human beings on a personal level which sounds like a recipe for disaster in taking on America’s favorite grandpa Joe Biden. The President is also a master of retail politics and building personal connections.

Republicans think that running an autocratic robot against Joe Biden because the DeSantis bot is a better option than Donald Trump.

What is going to happen to DeSantis when he gets on debate stage with the irrational whirling dervish of rage and chaos known as Trump? It is cute that Ron DeSantis thinks that he will be able to discuss policy in any debate with Trump.

Trump could melt Ron DeSantis’s brain or cause him to have a nervous breakdown.

Nominating a presidential candidate who isn’t good with people has never been a winning strategy since the beginning of the age of television.

At this early point, Ron DeSantis doesn’t seem like presidential material.

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