Senate Democrats Are Giving Republicans Enough Trump Rope To Hang Themselves

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Senate Democrats are stepping aside and saying nothing as Republicans rush to defend the potentially soon-to-be-indicted Trump.

Politico reported:

Schatz said the Democratic stance should be to say “absolutely nothing about it.” And that appears far and away the most popular position. The topic did not come up at Senate Democrats’ leadership meeting on Tuesday, and few people in the caucus are talking about it, said one member who spoke candidly on condition of anonymity.

“It’s always bad to be indicted. I’m an old-fashioned girl,” said Sen. Tina Smith (D-Minn.). Still, she added: “I don’t feel a need to run around waving a flag of triumph because I think it’s a terrible thing.”

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The entire Republican strategy is to frame the Trump indictment as a political prosecution to stop his 2024 candidacy. Anything that Senate Democrats might say could be used by Republicans as confirmation for their conspiracy theories.

Democrats are standing aside and watching Republicans implode. The best that could happen to Senate Democrats would be for Trump to be indicted, Republicans to stand with him, and for Democrats to take advantage of Trump’s chaos by taking back the House, keeping the Senate, and getting President Biden reelected.

Republicans are allowing Trump to lead them to another potential defeat, and Democrats aren’t about to stop them.

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