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SNL Shreds Trump For Comparing Himself To Jesus

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SNL used their Easter show to skewer Trump for comparing himself to Jesus as he has been criminally charged.


Some choice jokes from the open:

He had big, big rallies just like me, and a lot of his followers got in big, big trouble, just like mine. All because I told them exactly what Jesus would have said, get very violent and start a war.

And I’ve even got my very own Judas, Ron DeSantis.Ron DeSantis came to me, tears In his eyes, he said, help me, Mr. Trump. I’m going to lose my election. So I very generously pretended to like him, and then, he did a Juda And now he can’t even get the gays out of Disney World.

But now people are saying perhaps I’m even better than Jesus because I’m a self-made billionaire, and Christ was –Let’s call it what it is — a nepo baby.

So tomorrow, I will eat my Easter hamburger with my family, or hopefully not. And then after that, they will come for me, lock me away. Because just like Jesus, all I did was be friendly to a sex worker, and now they want to put me in jail.Just awful.

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Trump is comparing himself to Jesus because he has been feeling insecure about his lack of support from evangelical Christians. Trump thinks that by comparing himself to Jesus, he will get evangelicals to rally to his side and support him while he faces all of these potential criminal prosecutions.

Everything Trump does is done through the lens of politics.

Trump is about as Christian as your coffee table.

The failed former president wouldn’t be the first potential criminal to try to get out of trouble by playing the Jesus card. The difference is that Trump hasn’t found Jesus, he trying to replace him in the eyes of Republican voters.

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