Speaker Mike Johnson Has Been A Disaster For Republicans

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From an inability to pass legislation to not telling members of his own party what’s going on, Speaker Mike Johnson has been a disaster.

How Has Mike Johnson Failed As Speaker?

Mike Johnson was a back bencher member of the House with no experience in committee or party leadership. Johnson believes that he was chosen by God to be speaker, but God apparently gave him the job without the necessary experience or skills.

Here are some of the problems with Johnson, as reported by Punchbowl News:

This is the most chaotic, inefficient, and ineffective majority we’ve seen in decades covering Congress. It started this way under former Speaker Kevin McCarthy and has gotten worse under Johnson.

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Johnson truly keeps his own counsel. His leadership colleagues often begin the week having no idea what the speaker is thinking or what he hopes to achieve. The speaker was also particularly hamstrung by having House Majority Leader Steve Scalise out for the last six weeks. Scalise has deep relationships across the conference and a true sense for fault lines within the GOP. Johnson has at times ignored the guidance of House Majority Whip Tom Emmer as well.

Johnson still hasn’t told House Republicans how they are going to handle the Senate-passed aid bill for Israel, Ukraine, Gaza, and Taiwan. Speaker Johnson has failed to advance Republican legislation because his fellow Republicans blocked it six times.

MAGA Mike Johnson Has Been A Disaster

In other words, MAGA Mike has been a complete disaster. He is not traveling the country raising money for House Republicans to keep the majority. There is no structure to anything that the House does.  The situation is complete chaos.

Meanwhile, House Democrats are being led by Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY), who was trained by Nancy Pelosi, Steny Hoyer, and other veterans of previous Democratic House leadership to take over and eventually become speaker. Democrats have transitioned their leadership team like a well-oiled machine because Pelosi and the Democratic caucus spent years planning for the next generation of House Democratic leaders to take over.

Mike Johnson has been an expected disaster. He is someone who is in over his head yet still feels entitled to the job that he is failing at.

Rep. Johnson is fumbling around demanding meetings with President Biden when there is nothing to negotiate on immigration and national security.

The House majority was a disaster under Kevin McCarthy’s experienced leadership and is likely unsavable under Mike Johnson’s.

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