Speaker Mike Johnson’s Approval Rating Is A Disaster For Republicans

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A new Monmouth University Poll found that Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) has just a 17% approval rating, and he is roughly in the same position that Kevin McCarthy was in as Speaker.

The results from Monmouth University:

The new Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson, starts off his tenure in about the same position as the man he replaced. Johnson’s initial job rating is a negative 17% approve and 31% disapprove among all American adults, but a positive 37% approve and 5% disapprove among his fellow Republicans. Last July, then-Speaker Kevin McCarthy had an overall job rating of 23% approve and 39% disapprove and a Republican rating of 44%-18%.

These numbers are similar to where McCarthy stood when he started his short time in the speaker’s chair (19% approve and 35% disapprove overall and 41%-11% among Republicans in January 2023). Also, Johnson’s – and McCarthy’s – ratings are largely similar to where Paul Ryan stood nearly two years into his speakership (23% approve and 43% disapprove overall and 47%-21% among Republicans in July 2017).

If House Republicans thought they would change their failing political fortunes by giving Kevin McCarthy the boot, they were mistaken. Republican speakers of the House are not very popular in general. Johnson, with his extremist agenda and decision to pursue a fact-free impeachment of President Joe Biden, could hit some very low numbers in terms of approval.

The scary thing for Republicans is that Johnson’s numbers are already this low, and Biden impeachment really hasn’t gotten going. The government could also shut down next month.

America has rejected MAGA Mike, and it looks like things could get a lot worse for Johnson and the GOP.

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