Saturday, June 22, 2024

Stephen Colbert Demands That Fox News Personalities Admit On Air That They Lied About The 2020 Election

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Stephen Colbert wants Fox News personalities to go on the air and apologize for pushing election lies for Trump.

Video of Stephen Colbert:

Colbert said, “I guess it’s satisfying I mean for Dominion that Rupert had to fork over a pile of cash but that does nothing for our democracy what we need is Fox News personalities to look straight into the camera, admit that they lied over and over again about the 2020 election, and then hurl themselves into Mount Doom.”

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The Late Show host was right. There is something unsatisfying about Fox News not having to publicly admit that they damaged democracy, harmed our country, and knowingly lied to millions of  their viewers

It is not good for democracy if Rupert Murdoch gets to write a big check, and then double the speed of the assembly line at the lie and disinformation factory.

What did Fox News really learn?

They learned that they can help plant the seeds for an attack on the Capitol, willfully lie and mislead their own viewers, injure democracy, and all they will get is a large bill for being the media arm of an attempted coup.

That doesn’t seem to send the right message if a news network can misinform its viewers into becoming foot soldiers in an attempted coup.

The good news is that Dominion was just the beginning of the lawsuits. By the time the legal action is done, Fox News could be broke, and maybe someone will get a public confession and apology.

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