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Stephen Colbert Destroys The Flawed New York Times Poll

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The latest New York Times poll is so messed up that Stephen Colbert had a field day trashing it.

Colbert said:

For instance, this weekend, The New York Times published a poll that showed Trump leading Biden by 5% among registered voters.

Okay, now I’m less worried about the candidates and more worried about the mental competence of the voters. Somebody should give us a cognitive test. But don’t panic. Because the methodology is so off, it led one member of the punditocracy to observe: “There is something wrong at the New York Times.”

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Yeah, there is something wrong at the New York Times and it’s called connections. So, “Turncoat” and “Windsock” are words ending in clothing, but “Lawsuit” isn’t? My streak should be at 25 and you will be hearing from my lawyers, you bastards!

But another thing. But another thing. That New York Times poll is a mess. It found Trump winning the female vote by 1%, when Biden carried women in 2020 by 11 points. Somehow I doubt Trump has won back over 12% of women with his empowering message, “I’m a rapist.”

This poll is so off that it says 12% of Democrats support Dean Phillips, leading Dean Phillips to actually tweet: “When a NYT/Siena poll shows me at 12%, you better believe it’s flawed. Only 5% even know who I am.” That… That is so sad. He thinks 5% of people know who he is.


The latest NYT poll was loaded with red flags, which I recently discussed in our newsletter, The Daily.

Colbert was right.

It is impossible to see how Trump won over women voters by taking away their right to control their own bodies while embarking on his platform of rape and defamation.

The fact that the New York Times published such a flawed poll suggests that the purpose of the poll was not to inform or gain insight, but to make the news instead of reporting it.

The New York Times poll is so bad that even late-night comedians are making fun of it.

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