Stephen Colbert Trashes The Supreme Court’s 14th Amendment Logic

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Stephen Colbert exposed the holes in the Supreme Court’s 14th Amendment logic with a single joke.

Colbert said:

.The justices claim that since different states have different standards for what would qualify as insurrection, conflicting state outcomes would lead to chaos. Yes, the Supreme Court knows you can’t just let states decide who goes on their ballots. States are too busy deciding that life begins in the freezer section. Next to the pearl onions. You know. Life. So. Anyway,

Here’s the SCOTUS  rationale. The majority says that disqualifying a candidate for congress passes legislation. Okay, quick question. If congress does decide to pass that legislation to disqualify a candidate for insurrection, what if he sends his mob to storm congress to stop them from passing that legislation? Does that count as insurrection? Or do they have to pass more legislation about that before the next mob shows up? I’m just asking, because clearly you guys haven’t put any thought into any of this stuff. Okay, you gotta think it through. There’s steps.

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Colbert is right. The Supreme Court is apparently living in a fantasy where Congress is capable of passing legislation. What would happen if Congress tried to pass legislation but a president sent a mob to the Capitol to block it?

It is almost as if January 6th never happened in the eyes of the Supreme Court.

The country needs to have the ability to disqualify insurrectionists before they get into power.

While the court was right, a patchwork solution would be inviting chaos, but expecting the current Congress to do anything is unrealistic.

When an insurrectionist can get around the SCOTUS remedy by staging an insurrection, it shows that the high court’s plan has more than a few holes in it.

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