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Ted Cruz Claims Democrats Don’t Believe In Democracy After Trump Indicted For Trying To Destroy Democracy

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Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) ran to Fox News to claim that Democrats are intentionally setting up a Trump trial next year right before the election to win Biden another term.

Cruz said on Hannity:

A trial in September or October of next year, right before the election. The other ten people or nine people, I’m not going to speculate, we’ll find out, but frankly, they were nine people who were unlucky enough to be standing in or around Donald Trump. Their target is political. This is not the rule of law. This is not enforcing the law fairly. This is because partisan Democrats have convinced themselves. Look, if you disagree with Donald Trump, campaign against him, but Democrats don’t believe in democracy because they’re worried the voters don’t want four more years of the disaster that is Joe Biden, and so they want to abuse the justice system to take that choice away from voters. I think that’s shameful.


Cruz: lThe other ten people, I’m not going to speculate, the other nine. We’ll find out. Frankly they were nine people who were unlucky enough to be standing somewhere in or around Donald Trump.

— Acyn (@Acyn) August 15, 2023

Donald Trump tried to destroy democracy, but it is Democrats who don’t believe in democracy. Republicans are really stretching it because Sen. Cruz would like the American people to believe that a true expression of democracy would be to allow the candidate who lost the 2020 election to void the will of the voters and illegally stay in power.

Ted Cruz knows better than this, and seeing how hard Cruz has to work to make the theft of democracy look democratic, it is clear that Republicans would be better off cutting their losses with Trump and finding a better candidate.

The Republican argument in response to the latest Trump indictment makes no sense, and it is time for the GOP to just stop.

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