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Ted Cruz Falls Apart When Asked For Evidence Of Biden Crimes

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Fox News’s Maria Bartiromo continued her quest for evidence of Biden crimes, but when asked Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) made it clear that Republicans have nothing.

Bartiromo asked Cruz on Fox News’s Sunday Morning Futures, ” Ask you about the evidence that you have seen. Do you have evidence that the DOJ is covering up crimes for Joe Biden?

Cruz answered:

Well, unfortunately, it is abundantly clear that the Biden Justice Department is, is covering for the White House, is doing everything they can to impede the investigation into Hunter Biden, but more significantly into Joe Biden. We have two IRS whistleblowers who have come forward. They’ve accused the attorney general of the United States Merrick Garland of lying under oath to Congress. That’s a felony. They’ve accused the attorney general in the Department of Justice of obstruction of justice. One of the clearest examples is we have the text message that Hunter Biden sent to a Chinese Communist official demanding millions of dollars and saying I’m sitting next to my father.

The investigators naturally wanted to get GPS data to confirm that Hunter was next to Joe Biden and that the retaliation that Hunter was threatening could happen. The Department of Justice said, no, you can’t find out where Hunter was when he said that you can’t find out where Joe was when he said that. Look, David Weiss, the special prosecutor has been prosecuting this for five years at this point, Mr Weiss is the slowest prosecutor on the face of the planet and that’s not an accident. He deliberately allowed the statute of limitations to expire on, on, on, on several of the worst criminal offenses. Hunter Biden committed in particular, those dealing with millions of dollars from Barista. And I think the reason he allowed them to expire is those dollars are directly tied to daddy, to president Joe Biden.

None of what Cruz said was actual evidence of anything, so Bartiromo tried again, “Do you have evidence that Joe Biden made policy decisions based on events that he was actually paid for?”

Cruz said, “Well, listen on the China piece, Joe Biden won’t answer questions on that. So we don’t have any information.”

Sen. Cruz continued by retreating to the debunked Russia propaganda of Rudy Giuliani’s Burisma conspiracy theory.

Maria Bartiromo is absolutely desperate for an elected Republican to explain the evidence against Joe Biden to her, and each Sunday, Republicans like Ted Cruz come on her show do a little song and dance about evidence that doesn’t contain any evidence, and then the cycle repeats again.

Republicans have no evidence that President Biden did anything wrong, so they keep trying to fluff up Rudy Giuliani’s debunked Russian propaganda from nearly four years ago in the hope that no one will notice that there is no proof to support the Republican allegations.

Another week brings another big zero in terms of evidence justifying Biden impeachment.

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