The Biden Campaign Rips Trump For Calling For A Government Shutdown

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The Biden-Harris campaign hammered Donald Trump for calling for a government shutdown that will harm millions of Americans.

Kevin Munoz, spokesperson for Biden-Harris 2024 campaign said in a statement, “Let’s be clear what is happening here: Trump is directing MAGA House Republicans to either slash funding for food safety, education, law enforcement, housing, and more, or completely shut down the government — which could delay cancer research, force federal law enforcement and troops to work without pay, and kneecap essential services hardworking Americans rely on every day. All because the former president believes this helps him politically. House Republicans are gleefully letting Donald Trump function as their chief political strategist at the expense of American families. Trump’s behavior is shameful, but unsurprising from someone who has demonstrated he couldn’t care less about the American people.”

Here is what Trump posted on Truth Social:

Donald Trump wants a government shutdown because he thinks he can stop Jack Smith from prosecuting him if the government is shut down.

The Biden campaign was correct. Trump is willing to harm tens of millions of Americans, including seniors and members of the military, if he thinks it will help him. It doesn’t matter if it helps Trump in the 2024 election or the federal criminal cases, because avoiding prosecution is why Trump is running for president.

The same president whose COVID response led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans is now calling for a government shutdown. Joe Biden is on the side of the American people, while Donald Trump is only invested in what benefits Donald Trump.

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