Thursday, April 18, 2024

The New Trump Charges Are So Bad That Fox News Won’t Talk About It

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Fox News doesn’t seem to be defending Donald Trump against the new indictment filed by Jack Smith, instead, Jesse Watters opened primetime by talking about Hunter Biden.

Here is a look at Fox News, where the new felony charges against Trump apparently don’t exist:

I’ll bet Fox News has a lot to say about the new indictments against Trump.

Nope. Jesse Watters is ignoring them and talking about Hunter Biden conspiracies.

— PoliticusUSA (@politicususa) July 28, 2023

It is almost a certainty that Trump’s BFF Sean Hannity will mount a defense of the former president in the 9 PM ET hour, but for those of you who may have expected that Fox News would rush to Trump’s aid and mount a vigorous defense in his name, well, Jesse Watters didn’t get the memo.

Fox’s 8 PM primetime host responded to the grave and explosive charges against Trump by programming a full hour of Biden conspiracy theories and culture war hysteria.

Does Fox News want to help Trump, or are they hoping to drag down Biden low enough that Trump can win in 2024?

The network seems to be going with the latter. If the Murdochs have deemed Trump to be unsavable, the next move is to try to smear Biden as they did with Hillary Clinton in 2016.

The answer to whether or not Fox News thinks the charges against Trump are bad can be found in their unwillingness to tell their viewers about it.

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