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This Is Not Good For Trump As Former Campaign Official In Talks With Jack Smith About Coup Plot

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A former Trump campaign official is in talks with Jack Smith to answer questions about the fake elector plot and Trump’s attempted coup.

The New York Times reported:

Michael Roman, a top official in former President Donald J. Trump’s 2020 campaign, is in discussions with the office of the special counsel Jack Smith that could soon lead to Mr. Roman voluntarily answering questions about a plan to create slates of pro-Trump electors in key swing states that were won by Joseph R. Biden Jr., according to a person familiar with the matter.

If Mr. Roman ends up giving the interview — known as a proffer — to prosecutors working for Mr. Smith, it would be the first known instance of cooperation by someone with direct knowledge of the so-called fake elector plan. That plan has long been at the center of Mr. Smith’s investigation into Mr. Trump’s wide-ranging efforts to overturn the 2020 election.

Roman is described as the person who did much of the legwork to organize the fake elector plot. He was the person running the coordination from the Trump campaign between the lawyers, aides, and states on the fake elector plot. In other words, Roman is in a position to know who was doing what when in the effort to help Trump overturn the election and overthrow the government to stay in power.

Earlier on Friday, it was reported that the special counsel had given partial immunity to two fake electors in exchange for their cooperation. 

Smith appears to be coming after what some in the media have generously called Trump’s election interference. The big question is, does the special counsel have enough evidence to bring charges against Donald Trump for 1/6 related crimes?

It is unknown if or how any Trump 1/6 criminal charges would impact the Republican presidential primary.

Things are not looking good for Donald Trump and his associates, as it increasingly appears they will not get away uncharged with a plot to overthrow the United States government.

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