Tim Ryan Blasts The Supreme Court For Giving Trump Special Treatment

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Former Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH) said that Trump is getting preferential treatment as the Supreme Court is sending the message that he is above the law.

Ryan said on Real Time with Bill Maher:

It’s not whether or not you think he’s guilty or I think he’s guilty or anybody thinks he’s guilty the question

 is is he above the law and is he getting preferential treatment because of who he is?  Because if you’re Joe the sh*t

ragman in Youngstown Ohio guess what? Your ass is going to trial and and you’re going to go to jail and it’s

 probably going to happen rather quickly, and so he is getting preferential treatment every signal that the Supreme Court is sending is that he is above the law and no citizen should be okay with that.


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Tim Ryan was right. At this stage, it isn’t about guilt or innocence. That is something for juries to decide. The question is more fundamental. Trump is claiming a special privilege to be above the law because he is a former president, and the Supreme Court because he is a former president is willing to weigh the question of whether Donald Trump is a king and is above the law.

The whole farce is absurd and it runs counter to the founding principles of the nation, but the Supreme Court is already sending the message that Donald Trump is above the law, and this fact should enrage every American who believes in and is trying to protect democracy.

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