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Tim Scott Is Fine With Republicans Running A Rapist For President

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Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) made it clear that he is perfectly fine with the Republican Party nominating Donald Trump who will be forced to pay the woman who he was found liable for raping $83 million because he defamed her.

Tim Scott Seems Fine With Supporting A Rapist For President

Transcript via ABC’s This Week:

RADDATZ: I want to start with the breaking news on Friday, and that was that your candidate, former President Trump, was ordered by a jury to pay $83 million for defaming writer E. Jean Carroll. He was also found before, as you know, liable for sexual abuse.

Does that give you any pause in your support?

SCOTT: You know, myself and all the voters that support Donald Trump, supports a return to normalcy, as it relates to what affects their kitchen table. The average person in our country, Martha, isn’t – they’re not talking about lawsuits. As a matter of fact, what I have seen, however, is that the perception that the legal system is being weaponized against Donald Trump is actually increasing his poll numbers.

RADDATZ: I understand that, but this was — they were jury trials. They were jury trials. They started when Donald Trump was president. You — that does – that gives you no pause whatsoever?

SCOTT: I don’t have a — the Democrats don’t pause when they think about Hunter Biden and the challenges that – that he brings to his father. The one thing I think the electorate is thinking about most often is how in the world will the next president impact my quality of life? How will America regain its standing in this world? They were better off under Trump, and they’re looking for four more years of low inflation, low crime, low unemployment, and high enthusiasm for our country. We haven’t had that in the last four years.


Tim Scott’s Hunter Biden Deflection

Donald Trump and Hunter Biden are not the same thing. Hunter Biden is not running for president. Hunter Biden has not been found liable for raping someone. Sen. Scott tried to use Hunter Biden to deflect from what Trump was found liable to have done to E. Jean Carroll. The rape and the repeated and continued defamation go together. Trump is defaming Carroll because he wants people not to look at the fact that a court found that he raped her.

If the Republican excuse for supporting a rapist is going to be Hunter Biden, they are in for a very long 2024 election.

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