Top House Republican Busted When He Tries To Falsely Claim That Democrats Also Don’t Support Ukraine

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House Foreign Affairs Committee Chair Michael McCaul (R-TX) tried to say that House Democrats who have unanimously supported aid to Ukraine didn’t and was immediately corrected on Face The Nation.


Despite some in the House GOP introducing a bill to try to cut off aid to Ukraine, House Foreign Affairs Cmte. Chairman @RepMcCaul says he is “very confident” that Congress will continue to provide the assistance needed.

“I’d like to see if faster, so they can win this faster.”

— Face The Nation (@FaceTheNation) February 12, 2023

McCaul said, “We have factions on the left and right that do not support Ukraine.”

Face The Nation’s Margaret Brennan stopped him and said, “This is a Republican bill.”

McCaul’s only response was to say, “right,” and then try to move on.

The truth is that Democrats have unanimously supported aid to Ukraine.

McCaul’s lie was triggered by at least ten House Republicans introducing a bill called the Ukraine Fatigue Resolution, which would cut off aid to Ukraine. There are no Democratic bills calling for aid to be cut off to Ukraine. There was an old letter from the House Progressive Caucus that was accidentally released and withdrawn that called for more diplomacy, but House Democrats have consistently supported Ukraine.

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Republicans can’t both sides opposition to supporting Ukraine. The GOP is the only side that has members who are supporting Putin and Russia by calling for aid to Ukraine to be cut off.

For the third straight week, a Sunday show did not allow a House Republican to get away with a lie. The Sunday shows may finally be listening to criticism from viewers and starting to check a few of the egregious falsehoods that some Republicans try to state on their programs.

A free press that doesn’t both sides everything is essential to US democracy.

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