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Top Trump Election Denier Resigns After Getting Busted For Election Fraud

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A senior official at Turning Point Action has resigned after allegedly committing election fraud by forging voter signatures on paperwork.

The Washington Post reported:
State Rep. Austin Smith (R) — who was senior director at Turning Point Action, the campaign arm of Charlie Kirk’s Turning Point USA — was accused by a Democratic activist of submitting petition sheets with rows of voter names, addresses and signatures that “bear a striking resemblance” to his handwriting, according to a complaint. Smith “personally circulated multiple petition sheets bearing what appear to be forged voter signatures,” the complaint said.

Smith submitted his resignation to Turning Point Action on Thursday, according to a person familiar with the matter who spoke on the condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to talk about it publicly. Smith also publicly ended his reelection campaign.

Smith claimed that he bailed on his campaign because he feared that a “biased judge” would believe the allegations, but that doesn’t explain why, if he is innocent, he resigned from Turning Point.

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Turning Point USA is Charlie Kirk’s organization, and they are the one of the conservative activist groups that have fully embraced Trump’s election denialism.

All innocent people should stick it out and fight to clear their names. The fact that Smith chose not to do this isn’t evidence of anything, but it strongly suggests that he may have done something wrong.

Republicans keep talking about election fraud, but the only election fraud that keeps being found is being committed by Republicans.

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